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Bist du Görlitz?  

For the city’s 950th anniversary I (Tessa Enright) developed a photo / interview project to show the world the friendly and multifaceted face of Görlitz. I entered my project in the competition “950 Jahre Görlitz“ and it was selected by the jury to be funded by the Aktionskreis für Görlitz e.V.! Now I need your help to realize my project “Ich bin Görlitz“!

What am I going to do?

I would like to take a picture of you and ask a few questions. I will then publish the photo and selected excerpts from the interview on the internet. I will not mention your name.

What will the interview look like?

The interview won’t take more than 15 minutes. I have three questions for you:

1) What connects you to Görlitz?

2) What do you love about this city?

3) What are your hopes for the future of this city?

We can do the interview in person or in writing, however you prefer! (If in person, I would like to record audio of the interview just to document for myself. I will not publish the audio in any way).

I would prefer to take the photo somewhere outdoors with natural light. The background of the photo is not very important – more important is a nice smile!

Of course we will keep a safe distance during our meeting and I will wear a mask.

Where will this be published?

The photo and an excerpt from the interview will be published on social media and on a website in English and German. In order to use your photo and interview this way, I need your signature on a declaration of consent.

I think that you are an important part of our city and I would be very grateful if you would help me! My goal is to show as many different kinds of people as possible and to send a positive message about our beautiful city to the world. My project can only be successful with the help of people like you.

Please contact me and we can make an appointment for a photo and interview.